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Meet The Team

A.J. Davis


AJ Davis is co-founder and Director of Strategy and Program Development for Community Solutions Consulting. He brings a wealth of experience in non-profit administration and social program creation with an emphasis on youth and community development, poverty reduction programming, and education advocacy. He is intimately involved in his local community, tackling social justice and equity issues. AJ has held leadership positions in his local neighborhood association as well as leading numerous community engagement committees. 


AJ believes in research-based and data-driven approaches to community engagement, which simply means that he seeks to help clients understand that community engagement isn't just "talking to the community"; it is creating an environment where knowledge and understanding are exchanged and goals and objectives are reached. 

Eric A. Jackson

Eric A Jackson is a native of Charleston, co-founder and Director of Engagement and Outreach for Community Solutions Consulting. Eric brings 15 years of experience in engaging in challenging communities, particularly those of color. He specializes in authentic grassroots engagement, meeting people where they are, and helping them understand complex issues with compassion and empathy. Eric is also deeply involved in his local community as a founder of a local non-profit organization providing empowerment programming for students and their families, a member of his neighborhood council, athletic coach for his son's school, as well as being a member of several community committees and boards.


Eric believes in the value of empowering individuals with skills and knowledge to amplify their voices in the community.

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